?Visa Application
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WORLD EXPO offers invitation letters to exhibitors whoneed to apply for an entry visa. Invitation letters are provided only after afull payment is made.


1. WORLD EXPO will not be responsible for contacting Embassyoffices.

2.WORLD EXPO reserves the right to refuse any visainvitation letter requests.

3.WORLD EXPO cannot takeresponsibility for unsuccessful visa applications nor intervene with anydecisions made by the embassies on behalf of any exhibitor.

4.Exhibitors are advised to contact their localKorean embassy directly for all questions relating specifically to visas andimmigration policy.

5.WORLD EXPO does not offer invitationletters to visitors, buyers, delegations.

6.Refund will not be made if a visa applicationis unsuccessful. In this case, booth space will be transferred to nextexhibition only once. 


If you have any other inquiries, please contact tosecretariat via email.







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