Australia's first Muslim senator calls foran end to 'traditional' halal slaughter where livestock ar
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Australia's first Muslim senator calls foran end to 'traditional' halal slaughter where livestock are conscious whenkilled


Muslim Greens senator Mehreen Faruqiopposed to traditional halal slaughter

She has called for an end to livestockbeing conscious when they are killed 

RSPCA and PETA want a ban on traditionalMuslim and Jewish abattoir customs

Flanders region in northern Belgium hasoutlawed traditional slaughter methods


Australia's first Muslim senator has calledfor an end to traditional halal slaughter.


Greens Senator Mehreen Faruqi, whoimmigrated to Australia from Pakistan in 1992, has spoken out against livestockhaving their throats cut while they are still conscious, as part of Muslim andJewish custom.


The minor party's animal welfarespokeswoman slammed traditional abattoir slaughter methods, involving livestockbeing bled to death - a day after the RSPCA and PETA called for certain halaland kosher practices to be banned in Australia.


She didn't, however, oppose all halalslaughter - only a method where the animal is still conscious when it iskilled.



Mehreen Faruqi, Australia's first Muslimsenator (pictured), has called for an end to traditional halal slaughter whereanimals are conscious when they are killed


'Senator Faruqi supports mandatorystandards for slaughter to ensure all animals are rendered insensible andunable to feel pain prior to being killed,' her spokesman and chief-of-staffMatt Hilton said in a statement to Daily Mail Australia on Wednesday.


In Australia, religious exemptions aregranted allowing sheep and cattle to have their throats slit without beingstunned first.


Australia's leading animal welfare groupshave stepped up their calls for these killing methods to be banned, after theFlanders region in northern Belgium this week outlawed slaughter methodsinvolving livestock being conscious.


Senator Faruqi, however, said she wouldabstain from meat regardless of how it was killed.



Australia's peak animal rights groups havedemanded an end to halal (local abattoir pictured) and kosher slaughterpractices where livestock have their throats slit while they are conscious


'For the record, she is vegetarian,' herspokesman said.


Most halal and kosher meat sold inAustralia has been killed via the stun-gun method.


A small number of specialty stores,however, sell meat killed with the animal still being conscious.


The RSPCA said this heightened the risk ofan animal suffering.


'Slaughtering an animal while fullyconscious requires additional handling and restraint and means that the animalwill experience pain associated with the throat cut and subsequent bleedingout,' it told Daily Mail Australia.


'For these reasons, the RSPCA is stronglyopposed to all forms of slaughter that do not involve prior stunning of theanimal and has asked governments ? state and federal - to remove arrangementsthat allow unstunned slaughter.'


In March 2017, Australia backed newIndonesia laws which will require, from October 2019, all meat exported to theMuslim-majority nation to be slaughtered the halal way.


Indonesia sources 80 per cent of its beeffrom Australia.



The RSPCA and PETA want animals to bestunned first before they are killed, after the Flanders region in northernBelgium outlawed traditional Muslim and Jewish abattoir customs


Diplomatic ties between the two nationswere strained in 2011 when the Australian government temporarily banned livecattle exports, following media reports of barbaric halal slaughter methods inIndonesia.


In a bid to mend trade ties, former trademinister Steven Ciobo in 2017 visited Indonesia for three days.


Mr Ciobo used the occasion to announceAustralian exporters would comply with upcoming Indonesia laws, which willrequire beef cattle and sheep to have their throats cut to be widely marketedin the world's biggest Muslim-majority nation.


PETA, also known as People for the EthicalTreatment of Animals, described traditional halal and kosher slaughter asanimal cruelty.


'They are absolutely and understandablyterrified when chains are shackled to their legs and they are hoisted into theair upside down,' it told Daily Mail Australia.


'For cattle and sheep who are killedwithout pre-stunning, unconsciousness can take several agonisingly painfulseconds to come after their throats are cut.'



Despite Indonesia sourcing 80 per cent ofits beef from Australia, the RSPCA says religious exemptions allowing animalsto be conscious when they are killed needed to end


To qualify as halal, or permissible inIslam, live animals must have their throats cut as part of the slaughter anddie from blood loss.


In most cases, animals are stunned beforethey are slaughtered however, state government laws in Australia grant religiousexemptions, which mean the livestock can still be conscious when it is killed.


The Flanders region in northern Belgium haseffectively banned traditional halal and kosher slaughter practices sinceJanuary 1, when the law first proposed in 2017 came into force.


The French-speaking Wallonia region insouthern Belgium will officially ban those practices in September.


When legislation was first proposed in May2017, it was slammed as 'the greatest assault on Jewish religious rights sinceNazi occupation' by the European Jewish Congress.



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